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There is an island off the Eastern Seaboard that hosts a town full of remarkable people who are not exactly awake to how remarkable they may be. Time does not move forward, and even as the sun rises and sets to the east and west, the moon remains a witch's crescent when night falls. Everyone steps out to a new day, even as yesterday becomes dimmer, soon to be filed away in the general haze that becomes distant memory.

But something is creeping in. The winter fogs have stayed from when they rolled in from the coast, making the distant mainland of America invisible even from the lighthouse. Although everyone suffers vivid dreams, dreams in which they were princes and fairies, witches and werewolves, heroes and villains, the edges between dreaming and reality are starting to fade.

Welcome to a world where there is no love at first sight. Welcome to a world of random chance. Welcome to a world where nothing ends, let alone happily.

Welcome to Voidville.

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